Who is Jesus? (Redeemer)

Who is Jesus? (Redeemer)

God prompted Hosea to repurchase his wife from slavery to represent what He would do to us through Jesus. Although we stray and become enslaved to other things, God selflessly pursues and buys us back. Jesus is our redeemer.

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Psalm 107:1-2
Today, we dive deeper into the Bible to discover who we are as human beings. What is our purpose? Why are we here? What does the Bible say about our place in the grand scheme of God’s story? Today we will explore the beautiful dichotomy of being sinners and saints. How can people simultaneously be capable of so much evil and so much good? How does God work out his glory in imperfect humans? A great place to start is in the life of one of the most historically flawed people in scripture: Samson. Samson was famous for his strength but even more famous for his stupidity. For all his power, he could not master his carnal desires and emotions.
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