Images: The Cross

Images: The Cross

Let's embark on a deep exploration of various biblical images, seeking to unravel their meaning and prevalence throughout scripture. Our initial focus is on the imagery of the cross, which, surprisingly, appears not only in the New Testament but also throughout the entire Bible.

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1 Corinthians 1:18
In the Bible, when we mention “images,” we don’t refer to literal representations like cross necklaces or crucifix paintings but rather metaphors—subtle allusions to the cross through literary devices and imagery. As we revisit familiar stories, we aim to uncover the intentional and profound image of the cross God has woven into the tapestry of Scripture. Images of the cross are everywhere in Scripture. But we are also those images. When we sacrifice our convenience, resources, and comfortability to bless others, we are images of the cross. As followers of Jesus, we want to model the work He did on the cross daily in treating others with kindness, repenting of our sins, and standing for what’s right despite the struggle.
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Images: The Cross

Images of the cross are everywhere in scripture. But we are also those images.

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