What is Salvation? (The Messiah)

What is Salvation? (The Messiah)

What is Salvation? Specifically for today, what is the grander story of salvation in the Bible? We can only begin with understanding who the Messiah is. The hero of God and the savior of the world…

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Hebrews 1:3
What is salvation? This question carries controversy, challenges, and comfort. Our initial focus is on the grand narrative of salvation in the Bible, which begins with understanding the Messiah’s identity. The Messiah is the hero of God, the world’s Savior. We revisit the story’s origins, where Adam and Eve separated from God, and a promise of deliverance emerged. This promise came at a cost, with the serpent symbolizing both Satan and the evil choices plaguing humanity. God pledged a hero to defeat the serpent, though this victory would come with wounds. Our longing for this promised hero intensifies as we journey through the Bible. In a moment of quiet beneath the stars, God made a covenant with Abraham, affirming that this Hero would emerge from his lineage—a pivotal part of the salvation story.
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What is Salvation? (The Messiah)

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