What is Salvation? (Faith)

What is Salvation? (Faith)

Faith in God prompts us to make bold moves and depend on Him. That is why Jesus tells us that we can accomplish great things if we have even the smallest amount of faith.

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Hebrews 11:1-3
Meet Abraham, the Father of Faith. God bestowed upon him a promise that would transform his life and impact the world. Despite facing seemingly impossible circumstances, Abraham held onto his faith. Though doubt sometimes crept in, Abraham's unwavering faith prevailed. Even in moments of foolishness, God remained true to His word, solidifying Abraham's status as the father of faith. Abraham responded to God's call, placing his future, wealth, well-being, and family in His hands. This same faith is what we are called to embrace in Jesus today. Through grace and faith, we have been saved. We trust in the work Jesus accomplished on the cross and the transformative power of the Holy Spirit working through us. Our faith in God empowers us to make bold moves and rely on Him completely. Jesus Himself assures us that even the smallest amount of faith can yield great accomplishments.
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