Who is God? (The Holy Spirit)

Who is God? (The Holy Spirit)

Jesus referred to the Holy Spirit more than anybody else in the Bible. Jesus connected with God, performed his miracles, resisted temptation, and was even raised from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit. Just as Jesus would have remained in the tomb without the Holy Spirit, we are spiritually dead without him.

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Psalm 139:7-10
Today we will further explore a simple yet profound question: Who is God? Today, we will dive deeper into the third and more mysterious person of the trinity: God the Spirit, otherwise known as the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit can be more complex for you and me because he doesn’t communicate in the same way God the Father and the Son speak. He moves, convicts, empowers, and comforts us as a silent helper. If you have been listening to the Bible in a Year Podcast up until now, no doubt you are beginning to remember countless times the Spirit of God gave life, guidance, and power to humanity.
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